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Sokoban is a classic Japanese puzzle game. The word Sokoban means "warehouse keeper" in Japanse language.

As simple as that name is, so is the idea and rules of this game:

These simple rules offer a variety of challenges. Because the pusher can't pull a box, some pushes will be irreversible. A box will be stuck when it is pushed into a corner or against a wall and it can't be pushed out of or away from.

Watch out also that your pusher don't trapped in an area surrounded by walls and boxes when the boxes can't be pushed away.

The magic of the game is that boxes, which are out of the way on one move, might be in the way on the next move and each level has a different structure, which requires a different solution as well.

It sounds easy, but the levels range from very easy to extremely difficult, some takes hours and even days to figure out. Some mazes are incredibly hard while others show aesthetic qualities.

The simplicity and elegance of the rules have made Sokoban become a real classic and one of the most popular logic games. Over the years many versions for all platforms have been made and new levels are created all the time.


Hiroyuki Imabayashi, president of the Thinking Rabbit Inc, invented Sokoban in 1980. The same year, the game won a computer game contest because of its simplicity and smartness.

There are not so many games, which were invented so many years ago and are played even nowadays.

Sokoban has been released in several iterations since it was initially published in 1982 with 20 levels. It was initially released on many popular Japanese home computer platforms. It was followed up with an improved sequel in 1984, entitled Sokoban 2, which contained 50 levels.

In 1985, Sega published their own conversion of the original game. In 1989, Pony Canyon released an updated version for the Game Boy which was partially based Sokoban Perfect and released in the United States as Boxxle. This version had more than 300 levels. Read more...

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