How to Become a Fashion, Style & Clothing Consultant

Looks do matter and for that whether it’s a politician, athletics or an actor, everybody wants to ensure that they create their image with their first look. Now, these personalities are busy in their own field and thus do not know much about fashion. Then how can they be so charming when they are in public?

It’s the job of their fashion consultant who takes care of everything related to that person, starting from their hair and makeup to their shoes. And the more the world is becoming fashion conscious the demand of fashion or clothing consultants are increasing day by day. Earlier it was only the actors and singers who were concern about how they present themselves in front of public, now it’s almost every successful person’s passion. Thus, it will not be a bad choice for career if you want to be a fashion advisor or a consultant.

Fashion consultants and their job

The main job responsibility of a consultant is to give consultation to their client on something, be that business or law. In this case it is the person who provides valuable feedback to their client upon how should they dress up and present themselves. They give advice, recommends or give insight to individuals or corporates about the latest trends in fashion and style.

Even fashion houses have their own style consultant who will provide valuable feedback to the clients about the fashion that goes well with them best. It is the duty of the consultant to promote their client public image by making necessary changes in their wardrobe. They do this according to their body type, career goals and personality. For this a consultant should be good observer, must have good communication skills and a great personality.

Becoming a fashion consultant

The job of a fashion consultant may seem quite interesting but it has challenges too. Thus, thinking about being a style consultant will not make you one. You need hard work for being a successful one on whom people will rely when it comes to changing their style or upgrading it.

  • Know the job and the industry first

Your first step towards being a consultant is to know about the job better. When you start you may be dressing up teenagers going to prom nights, but that’s the beginning and you have to learn the basics first. While you start your journey you will find yourself working with individuals who want a change in their look or need a change for a special day. Whatever it is you must understand their personality and their glamor goals that will help you assemble dresses for them.

You also have to learn about the industry. How it works, what are the changes that is happening at the moment. Who are the people who bring about changes? May be one day you will be one, but today you must know everything about the industry. It will also depend upon the place where you belong to. You must keep learning every day and every moment.

  • Develop your skills and knowledge

Having urge to become a style consultant will not be enough until and unless you develop your skills. There are different courses that will teach you the basics about the job. After completing those it is best to work as an intern in any firm. There whether you get paid or not you can acquire knowledge that will be priceless. While working you must learn about the colors, patterns and the brands. You must also know how each brand differs from each other and what the specialty of which brand are. It will give you confidence when you deal with different clients.

Along with getting a degree and gathering knowledge about the fashion industry it is also important to build your own network. It is your network that will help you learn more. Not only you can learn but you can blossom with the help of a good network of professionals. You also need to enhance your communication skills as it will be much needed while you deal with your clients.

  • Build your portfolio and brand

As you grow you must build your own portfolio. Clothing consultants not only change the wardrobe but do something beyond that. They make their clients fashionista, even the clients are far apart from fashion. This can be done when you have a good portfolio. It will help you while you meet new clients. You can even promote it through your network. Gradually, you should create your own brand that people will know that ‘so and so’ knows how to deal with someone like them. In all this use social media as a tool that will help you know the latest trends as well as keep you alive among your clients.

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