4 Tips to Choosing a Professional Wardrobe Stylist & Consultant

By hiring a professional wardrobe stylist you can curate your wardrobe after discussing your needs with them. They are not just curator of your dress items but also helps you in deciding what is best for you if you want to build an image or achieve some personal goal. They will help you for making the necessary changes in your wardrobe and at the same time will do necessary shopping for making your wardrobe a complete one.

If you have an experienced wardrobe consultant then you do not have to worry about your wardrobe any more but the challenge lies there! Getting an experienced and professional wardrobe consultant. Here are few tips that will come handy while you choose your professional wardrobe stylist and consultant.

1.   Know the reason for which you are hiring

You should know why you are hiring the consultant. Mainly there are two reasons for which you must be hiring. One reason may be because you want to redefine your fashion statement and get some image goals. For this you may require a professional stylist and fashion expert. Or it may also be true that you are well aware of what you want but time does not permit you to shop and change your wardrobe. The stylish will be doing that for you according to your choices.

It is necessary to understand first why you want a wardrobe stylish and then start looking for one.

2.   Rely on reliable source while shortlisting consultants

There are many wardrobe stylist who launch their business and start styling clients with no or little experience. Make sure you do not land up with someone like that. Sometimes you may not be sure of what you exactly want from a consultant. In that case you must discuss it with your friends or read good articles to get an idea about the services that you get from the stylist.

In order to shortlist consultant you should go through their websites and follow it thoroughly. It will give you a good idea about the services you can expect. It is always best to rely on someone who has taken such services and on whom you can rely.

3.   The look of stylish must be impressive

You are relying on someone to give you a makeover or at least handling your wardrobe. Thus, you must be impressed by their look. It’s not that the style of the stylist must be same as yours, as style varies from one person to another, but at least it must be impressive. You should have the faith that you are at the right hands.

4.   Must understand you

This is most important while you choose your wardrobe consultant. They should be able to understand what you are looking forward to. They should be able to judge your limitations and work on it so that your limitations becomes your strength. It must be possible to understand whether they are actually capable of doing this at one go, but you can take your time before you take the decision.


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