Variety Styles of Brunette Hair Colours

Woman must like to get their hair colored. This happens not only in America, but also other nations through all over the world including Asia, Africa and Europe. This is because the culture that makes women obsessed with beauty and youth in order for them to look gorgeous whenever and wherever they are. To choose a right color , it might be women’s own business, but generally, the most often used by many of them is brown. This neutral color can create a beautiful tone to the hair with various shades. More familiarly heard as Fashion style are chosen because of its neutral color and simply handy to be mixed with fashion and style. This color also fits for both bright and dark skins as well as any origin of women to have their brunette hair dye.

Gorgeous Highlights color Ideas

There are many ideas and styles for your brunette hair color . The first one is beach brown. This color looks sandy with its semi bright shade and tone, a gorgeous combination of three accents: light, deep brown and gold. If you are a fan of Emma Watson, you will surely be entranced with her charming hair that indirectly makes her face softer.

Another shade style idea is honey brown. Almost similarly to the earlier color , this also looks appealing with a well mixed light and deep blonde brown tones. Since this gold honey highlight brunette hair colors tends to shine, any natural make up with a simple outfit to go out for hangout, college or shopping, is nothing to worry about. One of famous Hollywood actresses, Angelina Julie, trusts this  color for her sweet stunning hair.

Chestnut and Mahogany, Why Not?

Do not ever think that chestnuts and mahogany stand only for food and wood because they are different. These are other two highlight styles of brunette hair color which are recommended for women to try. Chestnut brown has a mysterious appeal in its dark brown base with a caramel auburn light tone. A famous actress, Victoria Beckham, use this brunette color style. It can be seen that even though it is dominated with brown, a little dark red and gold dimension makes her hair becomes an endless attraction spot. Not only actress, this color will fit to anybody, especially those whose eyes are brown, since a chestnut brown emphasize and strengthen the eye’s color tone.

The last but not the least color highlight style of brunette hair color is mahogany. Mahogany color is very rich in its deep brown color, yet still stunning in three shades to strengthen the natural color for the hair. This even looks good together with a little touch of chestnut brown; if you want something mixed yet goes well together to beautify your hair look. This hair color  is proper to be applied for various hair cuts: long, middle and very short one. It has been spotted that many actresses like this color. One of them is Salma Hayeks, a Mexican and American film actress and director. She use mahogany for her gorgeous edgy look.  

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