Enhance the look of the eyes with mascara

Generally everyone will be having the beauty conscious and they will be doing many things to present themselves in such manner. It is a normal thinking of everyone and there is not partiality in the gender. Men will enhance their appearance with the stuffs which are available for them particularly and in the same way women will use the things of female. But when compared to men, the women will have more stuff to make their look beautiful. They have variety of clothes, fashion accessories and other related things. The cosmetic items are having an important role in the enhancement of women’s appearance.

What is mascara?

There are plenty of cosmetic items available for the women and mascara is one among them. It is a product which is mainly used to the boost up the outward show of eyes. It can darken or thicken the eye lashes and is available in three different forms such as liquid, cream and cake. The components present in the mascara are pigments, preservatives, waxes and oils. There are two choices existing for women in using the mascara and they are emulsions of oil or water and formulas without water.

The mascara which are comes under the second category will be water proof but it will be difficult to remove. But in the case of emulsions, it can be removed easily. While choosing the mascara, the women have to careful on its ingredients. Many products include more chemical and those products can cause some side effects in the eyelashes. Similarly they can cause irritation and itching in the area where the mascara is being applied.

How to apply mascara?

Women who are using the mascara for the first time will not know Fashion Style. If you are one among those persons, you can follow the tips given below:

  • Women those who do not want the mascara on the eyeliner should curl the eyelashes before they put it.
  • You have to rub the applicator with the inside rim and it will avoid the excess of mascara on the applicator.
  • Stand in front of the mirror comfortably and make sure that you can see the eyelashes properly.
  • Also you have to plan how you to apply the mascara. Accordingly you can put it on the eyelashes.
  • Place the mascara at the end of the eyelashes and pull the wand in the upward direction.
  • You can jar the wand slightly in the back and front. It will separate the eyelashes and avoids the clumps.
  • You have to repeat the same process until the color applies on the eyelashes.
  • Use a comb and separate the lashes because it will stick together since the mascara is in the thick.
  • After applying the mascara, take a cotton piece and clean the smudges present in the eyelashes. This will give an excellent finish to the mascara
  • Once you are done, make sure the mascara is not applied on the other areas near to the eye.


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