Advantages and Requirements to become a great Fashion Style

Fashion is lovable, as like fashion industry jobs are lovable too. Doing a job with the things we love is joyful. And so fashion lovers enjoy the fashion jobs too. Fashion industry contains many roles and works to do. Fashion industry works starts from designing to publishing. For each process, a group of people are working to create and present the fashion product. There are apparel designers, accessory designers, footwear designers, and under the production team, there are merchandiser, technical designers, pattern makers and graders, fitting models, quality control specialists, planners. And under the marketing team, there are, fashion buyer/retailer merchandiser, sales specialist on showroom, retail store manager. And other works includes fashion writers, personal stylists, fashion event management, fashion public relations. There also photographer, costume designer, fashion show/catalog models for each product. Among this, the Fashion Style job is to supervise each process. It includes all process as

  • Creating
  • Developing
  • Supervising editors and writers
  • Writing and editing articles
  • Formulating and styling photo shoots
  • Choosing photos for presenting
  • Choosing items and trends to publish
  • Researching trends
  • Interacting with industry professionals
  • Interacting with public relationship professionals

They had the major role in presenting the fashion items and articles in magazine, newspaper, internet, and television program. Fashion Style  has more responsibility and their work varies from others. Sometimes they just need to oversee the whole fashion department and sometimes they just need to see a particular part or a specific part. So that, Fashion Style with that responsible work, can works as a creative director/editor in chief. They too have social responsible and as contacts are more important in fashion, the editor need strong interpersonal skills. The fashion journalism jobs are more enjoyable and glamour that needs a hard work. More than all, Fashion Style  must be strong in feature writing and wring ad copy. They are in charge of direction of publishing products like cloth, accessories and shoes. As they had a major role in magazine, they are responsible for the standard publication. Apart from magazine, a Fashion Style may also work a television show or on website. They should be capable to do multitasking, like,

  • Editing
  • Keeping Public relations and creating events
  • Stay connecting with social media
  • Blogging to expand the brand

To become a great Fashion Style, person needs a journalism course, need to profile designers and cover fashion shows, create own style, make contacts, work up to Fashion Style after joining a job, have experience at famous papers and magazines. As per the experience, the earnings increased.  Some basic features of such editor are having a huge love of fashion, personal style, interacting skill and much more. In fashion world, as Fashion Style decides what is reported in a newspaper or magazine, a personal care and awareness is essential. With the contacts and personal editorial skills for publication, they have great influence in the style and apparel world. And through the beneficial use of beauty and influence, Fashion Style can improve the life of people at many awareness’s and ways.

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