How to Make It as a Professional Stylist

When you watch your favorite celebrity walk down and look great you must also fall for the style image they are carrying. The look that they carry must be given by someone else, and its true it’s their fashion stylist whose work makes them look fabulous. Their looks, style and dresses must be great but the hard work behind it is also greater and if you want to join this profession then you must learn about how to become a stylist.

Here are few tips that will help you know about how to become a stylist

  • Learn about the basic first

In order to become a stylist it is better if you have some professional training. Even if you do not have one there are ways that will help you learn about fabrics, designs and cuts. You need to learn about fits and making of garments. For this you may visit a local boutique and start noticing things out there. Gradually as you keep learning you can you will understand how to differentiate between each product. You may also try online resources during this period.

  • Attend fashion events

The best place to learn about fashion and the trending styles is from any fashion event. You may watch them online but nothing can make you learn better if you start attending them. You may not get invites at the beginning but try out to enter those events, if required by paying. What you learn there will help you a lot. Moreover, you can build your connections there that will help you when you become a professional.

  • Use social media to be updated about trends

The current trends must be on your tips always so that you can suggest someone about it. For this use social media as a tool. Instead of posting your selfies or images at Instagram or Facebook follow the designers and fashion stylists. You can learn about what they are working on, how they put things to make them look stylish. Learning these facts will help you develop your skills and at the same time keep you updated about the latest trend.

  • Find an internship

Even if you are not paid work for a fashion stylist. As an intern you will learn a lot of things that no course will ever be able to teach you. It is going to help you for your lifetime. You may not be paid as an intern but the knowledge and experience that you gather during this period is surely priceless. Moreover, if you perform well you can find that you are chosen as an assistant. That will be the first stepping stone as a professional stylist.

  • Work on your network

While you are learning and working on the styles and fashion trend do not forget to work on your relationships too. The network that you build at the beginning will help you grow once you start your journey on your own. You must work so that you yourself become a brand on whom people will rely when it comes to styling. It may seem tough, but with time you can do that provided you work at the right way.

Once you are set to start your journey you must be well aware that with what type of clients you want to work. What is your fashion style about and what inspires you most. Knowing all these will help you create your own statement that will let people follow you.

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